One of the major benefits of Envair Lab Limited is the availability of customised units to suit user’s applications, we can work with you to develop a device which is suitable for more complicated processing or unusual sized equipment. We also offer short lead time on ‘off the shelf’ clean air cabinets.

You can read about our most recent installations in news, or get in touch with us to discuss your requirement.

Modifications recently delivered:

  • Docking port
  • Upgrade to LED lighting (SCS EVO Comfort LED lighting as standard)
  • Large aperture for oversized vessels
  • Heated work surface
  • Integrated microscope
  • Integrated microscope light
  • Isokinetic head
  • Custom external/internal dimensions of cabinet
  • Adjustable sash working height
  • Joined cabinets
  • Entirely stainless-steel cabinets
  • CCTV integration
Customise Lab Cabinet Envair 01
Customise Lab Cabinet Envair 06
Customise Lab Cabinet Envair 05
Customise Lab Cabinet Envair 04
Customise Lab Cabinet Envair 03
Customise Lab Cabinet Envair 02

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